• What we do:

    Crep Circle is a professional B2B service for sneaker resellers and connects suppliers with sellers across the world.

About Crep Circle

Our mission is to build the largest community of resellers around, and provide every member with minimum double value on their investment.

All members that join CrepCircle gain access to our Live inventory of 5,000 new and sold-out trainers. This includes over 175 exclusive colourways and styles and we try and keep all sizes available. Our inventory is available to members under market price allowing you to sell exclusive trainers without the upfront cost of keeping them in stock.

  • Large LIVE inventory

    Our massive LIVE inventory is all stored in our UK warehouse. Authenticated and ready to ship to your chosen address provided at checkout in an unbranded box - dispatched Monday-Friday everyday without fail.

    All orders made before 3pm are shipped the same day and if the item is available at OGKICKS stores in London or Brighton, it will be available for same day collection.

  • Constantly updated inventory

    Our inventory is added to daily and is a curation of the best-selling stock in the sneaker industry, making sure you always have the products in high demand. Giving you more time and money to grow your business!

    Our inventory is for anyone looking to drop-ship items, fill in gaps of stock, or to buy bulk.

  • Bulk Order

    Our Bulk Order Form connects you to trusted suppliers worldwide for efficient bulk purchases. We are here to make bulk buying more efficient and fair, to the benefit of all our members.

    Access top suppliers from three continents with no extra fees or unreliable sources. Simply select the items from our Bulk Product List or submit a custom request and receive a quote within 24 hours.

We are here to connect you with suppliers, not profit from them.

Meaning any bulk items purchased through our network will pay the exact same price as we would.

**Authenticity Guaranteed**

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